John Davis

Friendly, supportive service with your best interests in mind. Nalin was a delight to work with. He supported us through a long house-hunting process, was available whenever we needed him, and was always completely honest with us. We never felt pressured to make a decision that we didn't want to, and he was often the voice of reason when we were on the verge of making bad/emotional decisions. Can't recommend highly enough.

Neil Datt &
Anusha Karunakaran

We really enjoyed our home buying experience with Nalin. He’s responsive and resourceful and not solely focused the “sale”. With his patient investment on really understanding our needs upfront combined with his great attitude, we trusted he had always our best interests at heart. We would certainly recommend Nalin to friends and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Chris Chipman

Nalin is the kind of agent that really takes time to listen to your needs and wants in a future home. Trust me, he's not the kind of agent that's looking to cash in on a quick sale. He's patient and personable, and always takes the time to explain the small details that a first time buyer might find intimidating. I look forward to working with him again.

Francis San Juan

My fiancée and I were looking to lease a condo and I reached out to Nalin for help. He took the time to meet with us at a café and to listen to our preferences (location, price, layout, move-in date) and was very personable. Within the next day we were receiving results for possible condos via email that matched our search criteria. In all our interactions, I've found Nalin to be very responsive and courteous in answering our questions about the paperwork and process. I would highly recommend Nalin to anyone needing help looking for a place.

Heather Cook

Nalin was extremely patient while he showed my husband and I many, many condos, and helped us to define our list of requirements. Our list turned out to be long, and I wondered if we would ever find a place. A few weeks later, Nalin was in touch with a listing for the perfect condo which we were able to purchase. He helped us through the process and his calm, relaxed demeanor was greatly appreciated.

Sally Qi &
Andrew Jermyn

I cannot say enough good things about Nalin. After months and months of looking at multiple homes a week he helped us find what we were looking for BELOW asking... And we live in Toronto! He is a wonderful agent who truly takes the time to get to know his clients and what they want. He is patient and professional and makes you feel completely at ease. There is no doubt in my mind that he is acting in your best interest.

Guy Reichman

My girlfriend and I had the pleasure of working with Nalin earlier this year. His market knowledge (and patience) in our journey to a home was excellent. He helped us find the home we were hoping for at a great price. Highly recommend!

Ian Chang

Understatement of the lifetime: Nalin is an absolutely amazing realtor.

He took the time to know and understand my values before embarking on our search for my new home. At our first meeting he put me quickly at ease, explained the process, the expectations, and warned that the journey of finding the perfect place would be filled with highs and lows.

My greatest appreciation and what differentiates Nalin from everyone else is that he will tell you when a property doesn’t feel right.
“Are you sure these ceilings are high enough? – because I know you want to have a studio for photography.”
“Are you sure you want to be commuting on the Gardiner Expressway during rush hour? – because that’s not healthy for road rage.”
“Are you sure this balcony isn’t too close to your neighbor’s window? – because that really cuts down on your privacy.”

Nalin will point out every reason why NOT to invest in a place, because he has already taken the time to know you. When my eyes were glazed over by a property’s superficial bells and whistles, Nalin would be testing water pressures, baseboards, and material quality. While going up/down elevators, and in/out of buildings, he always stopped tenants and asked,
“How do you like living here? Honestly – how do you REALLY feel about this building?”

Nalin is the voice of reason.

Over a course of 5 months, we had altogether walked in and out of a dozen properties. Sometimes we were in there for 20 minutes, and sometimes less than 2 seconds (literally). Eventually we found the perfect place. I knew something felt right, and that was confirmed when Nalin’s inch-by-inch scrutiny of the property showed the place was clean. With Nalin’s experience and knowledge of Toronto’s absolutely ridiculous real estate market, we made a bid… and won. Just by a hair, but it was enough. Originally I wanted to offer much less, but I am so thankful I took his advice.

Nalin is the Sherlock Holmes of real estate.

If you care about where you will be living, then find Nalin, because he will care equally as much.